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Attorney Timothy Coffield, in brief.

Home: Charlottesville, VA.  Age: 41.  Birthplace: North Carolina.  Profession: Attorney.  Alma mater: North Carolina State University, University of Virginia School of Law. Continue Reading

Tim Coffield

Tim Coffield, Attorney, is a licensed law professional based in Charlottesville, Virginia. After an extensive education and dedicated work, Tim founded his legal practice, Coffield PLC, in 2012. Prior to his start as an attorney, Tim obtained… continue reading

Tim Coffield, Attorney

Meet Timothy Coffield, Attorney in VA

Posted Mon, May 6, 2024 at 2:42 am ET

Tim Coffield is a seasoned attorney based in Charlottesville, Virginia, known for his dynamic legal practice at Coffield PLC. Since founding the firm… continue reading